Butcher fed up with vegan food substitutes makes his own meat 'carrots'

Inspired by the practice of naming plant-based food after meat products, a local butcher has decided to get his own back by making 'carrots' using minced pork.

Published 24th Feb 2020
Updated 24 th Feb 2020

Tom Samways, who owns of T Samways High-Class Butchers in Cardigan, Wales, said the idea came from the fact that a lot of vegan food is named after meat products.

He then created the meat "carrots" using pork mince with an orange Italian herb dressing glaze, before adding parsley to look like the carrot stalks.

"They're just pork kebabs really," Tom told Wales Online.

"Everyone loved them. It started out as a bit of a joke, they were just a gimmick - but they have gone down well and we'll be making more."

What started out as a bit of fun has blossomed into a serious business idea after the 'carrots' went down a storm, with nearly 300 of them being sold on the first day.

Tom has since stated that they will be back in stock soon.

He also stated that he has nothing against veganism or those who practice that, adding that even though he was worried it might be a threat o his business, sales have actually gone up as people embrace local suppliers over supermarkets.

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