An ice cream producer is taking advantage of the early release of Cadbury's Easter themed chocolate treats to create the ultimate dessert - The Creme Egg Pizza.

The 2,200-calorie treat is the brainchild of Ricky Hughes from Conwyn Bay in north Wales, who goes by the alias of the ‘Prince of Desserts’, and is made using a flan base, with ice cream, warm Nutella, and several Cadbury’s Creme Egg packed on top for a sweet version of the normally savoury treat.

Posted by Mr Ricky Prince Of Desserts on Saturday, February 3, 2018

The creation is already proving a smash hit on social media with Ricky confirming that it is his “most popular creation” and that they are already selling 10 or 15 a night from his ice cream van which delivers locally.

The pizza, which is sold in a traditional pizza box and can be cut into slices like its savoury counterpart, is priced at £8 and Ricky told the Daily Mail that some people love it so much that they have been “ordering it three or four times a week”.

Be warned though, at over 2,000 calories it is one you might want to share with four or five others.



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