No-Age-Statement Scotches Worth Losing Track of Time Over

It is the hot topic of the Scotch whisky indistry right now.
Are non-age statement whiskies eroding the quality of the Scotch whisky industry
or are they its savior?

IN SCOTCH AISLES across the country, a reformation is quietly under way. Among the stolid contingent of age-emblazoned single-malts-the Glenlivet 12, the Macallan 15, Talisker 18-a mysterious new crowd is creeping in, and their labels are defiantly numeral-free.

Hipster horticulture: More young men dig into gardening

More men in their 20s are getting involved in gardening with many growing their own hops. 

Garrett Hoffman, 28, doesn't have a yard. But he was determined to have a garden. "This is my first apartment ever with outdoor space," said Hoffman, who grows tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, chard and herbs on his St. Paul balcony. Hoffman's "small but mighty" garden helps the University of Minnesota researcher and graduate student stretch his food budget, he said.

DeVonn Francis – Enroot CoFounder and Head Chef

enroot is a new movement which aims to highlight where our food comes from will host the first of its farm-to-table events in Edinburgh this month.
Enroot is made up of chefs, artists and activists and aims to further understanding of how food is produced and plans to hold a series of pop-up events.

Head chef DeVonn Francis gives a bit of background about the organisation. 

DeVonn Francis When DeVonn Francis first moved to New York aged 18 to attend Cooper Union School of the Arts, he thought he was going to make it big as an artist. "I wanted to be a painter, drawer, and have my work hanging in every gallery around the country."