Whether you're looking for a tower of meat or a vegan treat, here's our pick of the best burgers you can find in Scotland's capital.

Burgers and Beers Grillhouse

(192A High St, Edinburgh EH1 1RW)

The Big Daddy O! (Picture: Burgers and Beers Grillhouse)

A gourmet burger joint on the Royal Mile, Burgers and Beers serves up juicy, tender burgers with a farm-to-plate ethos.

There are meat, veggie and vegan options available, and you can even opt to ‘build your own bad boy’. The homemade sauces are a treat too.

For the ultimate carb hit try the Mac Attack – a beef patty, Scottish cheddar cheese, mac n cheese fritter, Virginia sweet cured bacon, lettuce and beer mustard, served on a white glazed bun.

Paradise Palms

(41 Lothian St, Edinburgh EH1 1HB)

Burger Edinburgh

Picture: Paradise Palms

Inspired by the soul food of the Southern states of the US, Paradise Palms’ plant-based menu offers creative burgers to enjoy in tropical surroundings.

Choose from the black bean burger with a Seitan and black-bean patty or the Lucky Fish Burger made using Tequila beer-battered tofu.


(60 Henderson St, Leith, EH6 6DE)

Spicy Sloppy Joe with nacho cheese sauce, jalapeños and blackened chips. (Picture: Harmonium)

Harmonium’s juicy quarter pounder and chicken burger are surprisingly free from animal produce or derivatives, as is everything else on the menu.

The interiors give a nod to the maritime history of Leith and the surroundings are relaxed and friendly for whiling away a few hours.

Holyrood 9A​

(9a Holyrood Road, EH8 8AE)

Burger Edinburgh

‘The Original’ – steak patty, fried onions and house burger sauce. (Picture: Holyrood 9A)

Their motto is “Great Beers, Great Burgers” and boy do they deliver.

Within close proximity of The University Of Edinburgh, The Royal Mile and Holyrood itself, this deceivingly large bar opens its doors right onto the heart of the old town.

Sourced from Simon Howie the Butchers, their gourmet burger range is made using delicious beef, and their Halloumi and Veggie haggis burgers don’t disappoint for the herbivores among us.

If you are cool like us then you’ll obviously want to choose The Scotsman (a brisket patty, haggis, smoked cheddar and a whisky & cracked pepper mayo) or,for the more adventurous among you, why not check out The Black Deer (their venison and black pudding patty, smothered in beetroot chutney, blue murder & rocket).

Best of all, even though they normally serve their burgers on wooden boards, they will actually serve on plates – so, if you’re a subscriber to the #wewantplates movement, just ask.

The Cambridge Bar

(​20 Young Street, EH2 4JB)

Picture: The Cambridge Bar

Positioned just off Charlotte Square, this petite bar/restaurant is always pretty lively. With sports on the TV and regulars in the bar area, this place can get very cosy at the weekends.

Specialising in craft beer and gourmet burgers, customisation is watch word here. Choose from beef, chicken, buffalo or bean patties, then opt for one of a selection of toppings; perhaps a classic like the MOS (mushrooms, onions and Swiss cheese) or a new favourite like the Smokehouse (Homemade pulled pork, Coleslaw & BBQ sauce).

As the team say, “Bun or no bun, one patty or three, you can have your burger just the way you like it,” all before adding a side of chips, onion rings or coleslaw to complete your meal.

Thankfully, there’s an array of­ flavour combinations on a handy blackboard to take the hassle out of picking your own.

Bread Meats Bread 

(92 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh EH3 9BE)

Burger Edinburgh

‘Royale with cheese’ – smashed burger doubled up with American cheese, umami ketchup, fiery mustard, onions and pickles. (Picture: Bread meets bread)

Having already conquered Glasgow’s burger scene, BMB have made their way to the capital, bringing their award-winning fare to the east coast.

Regularly topping lists of the best places to grab the best burgers in town, we too are happy to join the blogging hordes and preach the word according to BMB.

Pushing a “no bookings, no frills, no gimmicks” ethos, and sporting a minimalistic interior, the focus here is all on the food with burgers made in-house from locally sourced ingredients, catering for everyone from carnivores and kids to vegans and celiacs.

Enjoy the ever popular Cali burger – layers of thin burger patties topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions and secret sauce – or go for the Edinburgh venue’s signature Lothian Wolf burger with American cheese, crispy bacon, pulled pork in BBQ sauce, crispy fried onions and ‘Nduja with sriracha mayo.

Just make sure to leave yourself some room to enjoy the poutine!


(​18 Morrison Street, EH3 8BJ)

Burger Edinburgh

‘The Big McBowski’ chicken burger (Picture: Lebowskis)

This Coen Brother classic themed bar is famous in Edinburgh for two things: their massive menu of White Russian cocktails and their incredible burgers – and if you’re feeling adventurous and up for an eating challenge, then look no further.

Offering some of the tallest burgers in the city, you can choose from the classics like the Lebowski burger and the mouth-watering Bacon Mac and Cheese, through to seasonal specials like the Glasgow Oyster (see below); a scotch pie sandwiched between a tasty double beef burger with melted mature cheddar and beef dripping gravy.


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