Not only is it Friday, it's International Beer Day (4th August) so it'd be rude not to have a few pints tonight in celebration.

If you’re feeling like really pushing the boat out then why not try the world’s strongest beer?

Sounding like the latest beauty craze, Snake Venom is actually an incredibly strong fortified beer, which is made by Keith Brewery in Moray and distributed by Brewmeister.

At 67.5% ABV, it is stronger than whisky and vodka (which come in at around 40%).

It is made to be sipped in small doses, one shot at a time, so forget having one as a quick drink before heading out.

It even comes with a warning label, it’s that strong. And you can only buy one bottle at a time from online retailers.

According to Drink Supermarket: “It has a sweet, nutty aroma, a fruity flavour and fiery, intense finish. Snake Venom lacks carbonation due to its high ABV.”

Definitely not for the fainthearted but worth trying in small measures if you love beer…and want the bragging rights. Cheers!

Introducing Snake Venom

Snake Venom is now available to buy in the UK!

Posted by Keith Brewery Ltd. on Friday, April 21, 2017



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