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Scotch whisky distillery raises petition to get Andy Murray elevated to Sainthood

A Scottish whisky distillery has created a petition to see tennis star Andy Murray elevated to Sainthood following his recent heroics in becoming World No.1. 

Published: November 7, 2016
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Glen Grant distillery launched the petition after a year of heroics from the Scottish tennis star that has seen him lead Great Britain to Davis Cup glory, collect a second Wimbledon Championships victory, retain his Olympic title and become World No.1.

These acts are described by the petition as "answering the prayers of millions of tennis disciples across the world".

The tongue-in-cheek appeal, which is aiming for 1,000 signatures, then reads: "Backed by Glen Grant Single, the signatories of this petition wish Pope Francis to waive some of the usual protocols for such declarations and act without delay to elevate Andy to Sainthood."

"Throughout his career, Andy has conducted his venerable duties with conviction and aplomb. He has drawn people to prayer, especially on finals’ days, and converted many people to his sport with his astonishing achievements. By embodying the same ‘water of life’ characteristics of his country’s great export, he has lifted spirits of countless people throughout Scotland and the rest of the world."

The aim is to get Andy recognised in time for St Andrews Day  on the 30th November 2016, with the signatures being presented to the Vatican on Wednesday 23rd November.

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Nick Williamson, Campari UK Marketing Director, said: “The guys at the distillery are massive Andy fans and had the cheeky idea of elevating the new world number one to greater things in time for St Andrew’s Day later this month. If the petition works, it will certainly give us an additional reason to celebrate Andy’s success.”

One person who has already signed the petition commented pointing out that the tennis star has already been involved in a miraculous event this year: "Andy Murray's a Hibs fan too, and witnessed a miracle this year when they won the Scottish Cup."

People wishing to sign the petition can do so here, or you can follow the story on Twitter using the #Andy4Sainthood.

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