Edinburgh's 'Beers Without Beards' teams up with Natural Selection Brewing to brew beer supporting women in the craft beer industry

An exciting Edinburgh-based beer club for women has teamed up with a pioneering student brewing project to create a new beer that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in the brewing industry.

Published 1st Aug 2019
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

'Beers Without Beards', a group for women who like beer and would like to get together to enjoy it in good company, joined two members of the Natural Selection Brewing Project from Heriot-Watt University for a brewing session at Stewart's Brewing.

Due to the fact this year’s NSB team had the highest number of women ever on the project, Danielle Whelan, NSB's project manager and Caroline Gilmer, head of sales, contacted Beers Without Beards to do a collaboration brew to promote their work to include, educate, and support women within the craft beer industry.

Beers Without Beards beer

Caroline shows the team how to measure their hops. Picture: BWB

Amélie Tassin, founder of the Beers Without Beards’ group, stated that she was delighted by the idea and along with a few members of her group, headed along to the Loanhead brewing site to collaborate on the brew.

She said: “In brewing collaboration beers, we aim to celebrate the women who work in the industry by showing to everyone that brewing is not always a men’s job.”

Amélie explained that “Beers Without Beards” is a group of women who like beer and enjoy drinking and learning about it and that it was not about excluding men but creating a “safe space” for women to experiment and learn about craft beer.

Beers Without Beards beer

Danielle chats the BWB team through the brewing process. Picture: BWB

"Through the group our members can discover pubs or taprooms, learn about craft beer and also meet some inspiring women from the brewing industry. In reality, we don't have anything against beards.

"Although this is a women only group, there are plenty of our events that are opened to everyone (including those with beards)."

The resulting beer is a spicy chilli porter, a part of the profits from the sales of which will be donated to Edinburgh Women’s Aid.

Caroline added: “Brewing with Beers without Beards shows our support for the growing trend to increase diversity and include underrepresented groups in the brewing industry.

"As we start our professional careers, we want to foster inclusivity for people of all different backgrounds, whether they are brewers or beer lovers. Collaborating with an organisation with similar values is one way to demonstrate that.

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The collaboration brew will be launched at Stewart Brewing on the 1st of September and all are welcome to come along to the event.

Amélie said: "Come show your support for women in brewing by enjoying a pint with us."

• You can join the 'Beers Without Beards' Facebook group here

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