Ditch the chocolates for beer this Christmas with the Brewdog advent calendar

Brewdog have announced the return of their popular beer filled advent calendar for Christmas 2017.

Published 9th Nov 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Scottish brewing giants Brewdog have announced the return of their popular advent calendar and this year we are ditching the chocolates for beers.

Brewdog Advent

Picture: Brewdog

Posting on their website the beer brand wrote: "December is full of so many stresses leading up to the 25th that we've amped up the beers this year, so that day of gift shopping for those cousins you never see doesn't seem too bad once you get home and get to crack open that day's door."

Brewdog have kept the package's contents, 24 beers, under wraps but they say there will be everything from "barrel-aged beauties to some that are just too hop to handle, seasonal favourites to small batch one-offs", all presented in a specially-designed advent calendar box.

Costing £70 per box, the calendars are available for pre-order and will be shipped on the 21st November to ensure it’s with anyone who buys one for the 1st December.

An intriguing Christmas gift for any beer fan, Brewdog insist that the "value of the beers contained in this box are guaranteed to be higher" than the £70 price charged.

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