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Arbikie Distillery add Nàdar vodka to their sustainable spirits range

Published: August 28, 2020
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Arbikie Distillery has recently created another world-first with a new addition to their climate positive spirit range -  Nàdar vodka.

Nàdar , which is Gaelic for nature, is the name of the distillery's sustainable spirits, the first of which was Nàdar Gin, which launched earlier this year.

In-conjunction with the launch of World Sustainable Spirits Day on Friday 28 August, the team say that Nàdar Vodka is the perfect spirit to toast to a greener, more environmentally sustainable future.

How is it sustainable?

Nàdar Vodka is crafted from the pea-base spirit originally developed for Arbikie’s Nàdar Gin, which avoids more carbon dioxide emissions than it creates and has  a carbon saving of over1.53 kg CO2e per bottle.

This new Nàdar spirit is, again, made using the humble garden pea, which is grown without the need for synthetic fertiliser and reliance on imported protein for animal feed.

The single-estate distiller controls the growing, distilling and bottling process, which ensures provenance and traceability.

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Speaking of the new spirit, master distiller, Kirsty Black said: “We’re always looking to think differently, and by aligning our distillery production with the activity of the farm, we are using our knowledge of growing, and the vagaries of the changing Scottish climate, and indeed how these factors impact our growing season, to produce the finest spirits from some of the best agricultural land in the country.

"By shifting our focus to climate change and biodiversity loss we not only want to minimise our impact on the environment but also inspire and demonstrate to others the potential options available and how they might take advantage of these challenges.”

Kirsty created the climate-positive spirit after five years of extensive research with top scientists at Abertay University and the James Hutton Institute in Scotland.

With Arbikie Distillery being the latest drinks company to announce its commitment to producing more ethical products, sustainability is the sole innovative focus behind its field-to-bottle spirits range.

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Speaking of Arbikie’s sustainable objectives and values, director at Arbikie Distillery, Iain Stirling said: “Arbikie is focused on becoming one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries, as both farmers and distillers we are in an ideal position to grow & distil our family of sustainable spirits.

"Sustainable products, particularly in the area of food and drink, are undoubtedly the future, and they will be the major economic driving force in the years to come, not just in Scotland, but across the world.

"We are fortunate to have such a wonderful environment from which we can produce the highest quality of spirits, and we’re proud to play a part at the vanguard of what is becoming a global movement.”

The launch of Nàdar Vodka falls on Arbikie’s World Sustainable Spirits Day, launched to reinforce the importance of reducing “spirit-miles”, operating in a sustainable and ethical manner whilst taking responsibility for the impact we have on our planet.

Scottish distillery Arbikie create 'world's first' climate positive gin made with garden peas

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