If you’re looking for something seriously spooky to get up to this Halloween, we’ve got a few ideas. Combining alcohol and paranormal activity is the perfect recipe for the most haunted night of the year.


(112 Stockwell St, Glasgow G1 4LW, tel: 0141 552 8681)

Picture: Geograph

Picture: Geograph

Glasgow’s oldest pub Scotia Bar is situated on one of the city’s first ever streets. The interior of the pub has remained untouched since 1920 making it feel just like home to all the ghosts that inhabit it. There are many souls that are said to haunt to Scotia, including a manager who hanged himself in the cellar, a former prostitute, a landlady and an ex-bar maid, who those who dare call the Green lady. And of course, it wouldn’t be a haunting without the ghost of a young boy, aged about nine or ten who – although not actually aged to drink – likes to spend his time at the pub.


(253 Argyle St, Glasgow G2 8DL, tel: 0141 565 1000)

Picture: John Devlin

Picture: John Devlin

Sadly gone but not forgotten. badly dressed individuals and a lot of bad dancing were not the only thing that would have haunted you had you spent a night in Glasgow’s Arches. Buried below Glasgow Central Station, the dark corners of the former venue are home to the ghost of a young girl in old fashioned clothes. She was spotted during the Alien Wars event of 2009, where her unwanted appearance is said to have scared the cast of show.


(Inverarnan, North Loch Lomond G83 7DX, tel: 01301 704234)

Picture: The Drover's Inn

Picture: The Drovers Inn

The Drovers Inn on the northern road past Loch Lomond, remains almost exactly as it did when it was a popular stop-off for weary farmers leading their cattle on the way to market. However, this is no ordinary inn. Those who have spent the night have reported various paranormal going on including young girls in pink dresses appearing on the stairs and being photographed while asleep. If you’re looking for a good ghost story this Halloween, a quick look at The Drovers website will more than suffice.

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(34 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 2JU, tel: 0131 226 2806)

Picture: TSPL

Picture: TSPL

With more spirits roaming its halls than behind the bar, the White Hart Inn is one of the capital cities most haunted destinations. Punters have reported having their hair pulled, having chutney bottles thrown at them and cables being pulled within the premises. According to popular myth, Edinburgh’s notorious murdering duo William Burke and William Hare are supposed to have enticed several fellow drinkers away from the old pub to kill them at their nearby lodgings before selling the corpses. A photo of the supposed spectre was taken by Australian tourists a few years ago.

Photo of a ghostly apparition at the White Hart Inn on the Grassmarket. Picture: Contributed

Photo of a ghostly apparition at the White Hart Inn on the Grassmarket. Picture: Contributed


(A815, Dunoon PA23 8SG, tel: 01369 840426)

Picture: Wikimedia

Picture: Wikimedia

With the waters of Loch Eck just a stone’s throw away, the Coylet is a perfect Scottish getaway, especially if you believe in ghosts. As the story goes, a young boy that sleep walked into the water and drowned, now he runs through its corridors and watches people in the night. Some seriously spooky people actually rent the room the ghost is supposed to haunt.

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